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The DBA in Arts Collection Management program is co-founded by KEDGE Business School and Hong Kong Academy of Contemporary Fine Arts. Concentrating advantages of both sides, the program integrates resources from the art community, academia, and business circles to achieve organic combination of theory and practice. The program gathers top scholars from America, Asia and Europe, and actively establishes cooperation with internationally renowned art institutions, auction houses, and private museums. The goal of the program is to help participants solve problems related to arts collection management, like “how to appreciate artworks”, “how to ensure collection values”, and “how to manage art collections”, etc. The program wishes to set a professional vision for participants in the field of arts collection management, so that they get equipped with aesthetics, history, economics and management science to embrace the inexorable trend of art markets’ globalization.

Partnering Institutions

Hong Kong Academy of Contemporary Fine Arts was founded in June 2014 in Hong Kong as an international art educational institution belonging to BaiJia Lake International Culture Investment (Hong Kong) Holding Group. HKACFA aims at integrating the resources from art community, academia and business circles, as well as establishing cooperation with top colleges and universities, so as to cultivate talents in related areas to embrace the rapid development of today’s art industry. Focusing on art education and global network expansion, HKACFA offers MBA, EMBA and DBA programs which all take cross -regional study tour as the core form and involve interdisciplinary academic fields, such as art finance and investment, art market and management, art collection and appreciation, and so on. Through study tours to global art market centers, namely USA, UK, France , Hong Kong, and Taiwan, participants can enhance their professionalism, cultivate strategic thinking, and establish a global vision, so that to comprehensively understand the present and the future of the whole art industry.


KEDGE Business School is the merger of two France’s oldest and most renowned business schools: Euromed Management (est. 1872, Marseille) and BEM (est. 1874, Bordeaux). Counting itself among the less than 1% of worldwide business schools holding ‘triple accreditations’ from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, KEDGE BS is regarded as one of the top European management institutions which has become the leading French centre for business and management researches by the Financial Times, with the KEDGE Global MBA program ranking 23rd in the world in 2015. KEDGE Business School operates numerous campuses in France and abr​​oad, with major hubs in Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux, alongside satellite campuses in Avignon, Toulon, Bastia, Dakar (Senegal) and Suzhou (China).

Program Overview
  • Based on cross-regional study tours, the DBA in Arts Collection Management program will conduct academic forums and seminars, as well as field visits and researches in several central cities of global art market. Through the process of building repositories of art history, art industry , arts collection management, etc., participants will form comprehensive understandings on international arts collection, investment and management.
  • At the same time of knowledge input, participants should digest and process what they have learned by conducting independent studies and finally present research output. They will complete the dissertation under the one-to-one supervision of top scholars in related fields and have defenses in France. Those who successfully finish studies will be granted DBA (Doctor in Business Administration degree) in Arts Collection Management issued by KEDGE Business School.
  • By attending the program, participants will not only effectively master art theories, but also personally get involved in all links of global art industry and gain scientific methods of arts collection management. Further, participants can form their own resource networks across the whole industry chain and build relationships with artists, scholars, curators, critics, collectors, entrepreneurs from all over the world.
Curriculum Design

Within 3 years, this bilingual DBA program will carry out study tours to great art capitals like New York, Paris, London, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc. The module setting of the program contains theory teaching, guest forum, academic seminar, case study, art institution and auction house visit, as well as independent study and academic dissertation under one-to-one supervision. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional knowledge system covers all essential perspectives related to art history, art industry, and arts collection management.

  • On the art history level, taking Chinese and Western art history as the fundamental footstone, the program organizes normal class teachings, seminars, and forums focusing on front-burner areas, such as European art, contemporary art, oil painting appreciation, sculpture appreciation, and the culture revolution art, in order to lay the theoretical groundwork of arts collection for the participants.
  • On the level of art industry, participants will obtain inside knowledge of auction, private sales, curation and so on through the visits to internationally famous art festivals, museums, galleries, and auction houses. Coupled with the theoretical supplements in artwork authentication, art finance , and art law, participants are assured to grasp the whole landscape of the art-related industry.
  • On the collection management level, participants first get to establish their historical viewpoints towards arts collection by theoretical learning. Further, along with the process of discussion about collection planning and management, artwork storage and needed equipment, and other core practical issues, accompanied with opportunities of direct communication with famous collectors, participants will eventually accumulate affluent key knowledge as required by the arts collection field.


Curriculum System


Course and Module Design

Requirements for Admission

Participant will have interview and only shortlisted candidates will be admitted. The requirements for application as follow:

• Obtain a Master’s Degree (MSc, EMBA, MBA or equivalent);

• Minimum 8 years’ enterprise management experience. Preference is given to senior managerial experience.

Curriculum Duration

November 13, 2016 – September 28, 2019

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