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       Founded in March 2015, Art100 (Hong Kong) is the first oversea gallery of Bai Jia Lake International Culture Investment Group. As an important exhibiting and promoting space of the group, Art100 (Hong Kong) takes advantage of the its location in Hong Kong, the center of Asian contemporary art, in order to vigorously cooperate with world renowned organizations and to launch academic researches. We devote to lead best Chinese artists to the international art stage, to display the outlook and enchantment of contemporary Chinese art creation, and as a result to push Chinese art forward. Besides, Art100 is responsible for group’s large-scale exhibitions in Hong Kong, as well as serving as a place for connoisseurs home and abroad.

       Apart from regular exhibitions, Art100 will also hold various salon from time to time, such as lectures on art collection, art market and interactions with artists’ workshops, in order to provide connoisseurs with regulated and sustainable collection environment and atmosphere. In the meantime, we gather critics and curators specialized in contemporary art to discuss various academic topics and art phenomena and to elaborate the curation ideas. We comb and summarize Chinese contemporary art under the current context from an art historian perspective in search for contributions to the whole art area.

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       Bai Jia Lake International Culture Investment Group (Nanjing) is the parent group corporation transformed from Lek Yuen Group (Nanjing) into cultural business, specializing in art business. The group is devoted to a new art ecology combining exhibition, collection, publication and auction, constructing contemporary Chinese art’s right of speech in the world. Current projects include annual Nanjing International Art Festival, Art Nanjing, and Art Yunnan. The group has museums, galleries or offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

The Origins of ART100

Art100 represents a perfect pursuit of art , it is the attitude of arts that Baijia Lake International Cultural Investment Group held, we are eager to put the arts industry to achieve 100 points. We will have opened galleries in Beijing, New York and London in the future.

In the past year , we had six exhibitions held in Hong Kong and will be held eleven special exhibition in 2016.
Our missions are promoting domestic artists towards the international and to exchange different cultures between Eastern and Western countries harmoniously. Not only building a platform for artists to show their work at home and abroad, but also providing a platform and appreciation space for collectors. Thank you for your kind attention.

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